Kymco Road Bikes

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Kymco Hits Value Sweet Spot

2 Year Warranty

We think Kymco Australia make some of the best value road bikes in the country (which is why we sell them) and the 2014 range of motorcycles offer the perfect bike for commuters to work or play on the weekend.

Kymco motorcycles really are great value - you only have to run your hand over one and scrutinise the quality of fit and finish to know these guys mean business. That and the fact every Kymco road bike comes with a stress-free 2-year Unlimited Kilometre Warranty make them a great buy for commuters and bike lovers on a budget alike.

The simple question: why pay more?

If you are in love with the big brands and can't bear to ride anything different, we completely understand - however if you have an open mind and like the idea of maximising your budget, you really should take a Kymco road motorcycle for a spin.

If you would like to test drive a Kymco motorcycle and experience the Kymco difference for yourself - drop down to the showroom and chat to Jim and the team for first class service and a great deal!


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